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Thanks for taking the time to book a call with me. I want to make sure you get the most out of this call, so this page quickly talks you through what to expect. Below you will see the flow of the call, and gives you an idea of some of the questions I’ll ask, to ensure we both get the best use of our time. 

One: What are your expectations from this call??? When you finish the call, what do you want to know that you don't know now?

Where are you now in relation to your goals? What are the main "sticking" points?

Where do you WANT to be. Do not worry about timescales or whether this is realisitc, but in the ideal world...

My initial recomendations to you. 
Two parts are covered here.
Firstly, what option I believe will work best for you to allow you to reach your goals.
Regardless of the outcome of the call, I will impart some free advice for you to take away and action immediately, to take you a step closer to your desired outcome.

Results and Testimonials

Rob side after.jpg

Rob made a huge transformation in three months. Not only in the way he looks, but I'm sure you can for yourself - in being happier and more energised with realising just how much he is capable of achieving.

The struggle here was getting the lifestyle factors right, He was already a fairly regualr gym goer, but really lacked knowledge, accountability and a clear plan of action when it came to creating healthy and sustainable lifestyle choices.

We put strategies in place to manage this, and create new habits to repalce old ones - and the end result from Robs work was, I'm sure you will agree brilliant.

Dan made an insane transformation. This is probably up there with the leanest I've ever take someone - but this wasn't really my aim with Dan.

He was already insanely disciplined with his nutrition - his problem was getting into a workout routine that was challenging and enjoyable but didn't cause injuries. Infact, Dan had been passed from pillar to post with various niggles picked up from his gym work. Three months on the ReWilding ethos, and they were a thing of the past. It took some work to get the plan together, but was well worth it to get his body functioning just as well as it looked.

If you would like to know more about what you can expect from working with me, please check out one or two of the below videos.





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