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Real Transformations, Genuine Stories

Unlocking True Potential: How The ReWilding Blueprint Has Changed Lives

Hear It From Those Who've Walked the Path

Our program attracts a unique blend of individuals: Men and women fueled by a relentless drive to excel. They're high-performers, entrepreneurs, team leaders—people who are not willing to settle for the status quo. What unites them is a shared ambition to unleash their primal power, build a lean athletic physique, and cultivate a mindset of success.

The Journey to a Lean Athletic Physique

In an industry flooded with quick fixes and empty promises, The ReWilding Blueprint offers a comprehensive approach to fitness that goes far beyond aesthetics. Hear firsthand from clients who have achieved not just physical transformation but an athletic physique they're proud to own.

Crafting a Lifestyle to Be Proud Of

Our clients aren't just looking for a "12-week transformation"; they're looking for sustainable change. Dive into stories of individuals who have revamped their daily routines, from work-life balance to dietary habits, culminating in a lifestyle they're proud to live every day.

A Mindset Tuned for Success

Physical change is just the tip of the iceberg. Dive deeper into testimonials that spotlight the transformative power of mindset. Learn how The ReWilding Blueprint has equipped our clients with the psychological tools to overcome hurdles, smash through barriers, and redefine what they believe is possible.

Ready to Join the Ranks?

This isn't just a program; it's a revolution. If these stories resonate with you, then chances are you're exactly who we're looking for. Take the next step and book a

>>>discovery call today<<<

Not Just for Men: A Special Note


While most of our clients are men, our program's philosophy speaks to the innate traits that many high-performing women also resonate with. These are stories of women who have crushed societal norms to embrace a program that respects their motivation, ambition, and drive.


Ray had been on the quick fixes and fitness binges a million times before.

The problem? They never stuck. Always ending back at square one. And sometimes... even worse than before. By coming onboard with Commando Conditioned Fitness, and committing to the ReWilding Blueprint, Ray has found success in not just his own health and fitness, but his emotional resilience and work life balance, now enjoying quality time with his daughter - with a body that doesn't give up.

>>>See What Ray Had to Say<<<


Paul had been fit before. No doubt. Having served in her Majesty's Royal Marines - Paul had developed an elite level of fitness that he took for granted. He left the corp and business and family commitments got in the way. They completely derailed his progress. He was "fluffier" than ever and feeling his age + 30 years.

We set to work, and in 14 weeks got back to a Marathon Running level of fitness, lost 10kg and bought back the mobility levels of 20 year old. All whilst still enjoying a beer or two at the pub at the weekend.

>>>See What Paul Had to Say<<<


Diving into Richies values, going in deep to understand WHY he had fallen of the wagon and burying into cheese and whiskey every night. We reinstalled structure and turbocharged a level of self worth.

>>>See What Richie Had to Say<<<


Lee struggled with consistency. He wanted to lose some weight and know that he was physically capable in any situation. A busy, high pressure job and social life was making this difficult - he ended up being "on" or "off" - bouncing from one plan to another, one approach to another. By embracing the ReWilding Blueprint - Lee finally achieved consistency and can now confidently say he enjoys training and will stick at it, not for the next month - but indefinitely.

>>>See What Lee Had to Say<<<


Sam was used to seeing success in lots of areas - so she found it frustrating when her weight loss and fitness wouldn't fall into line with this, despite the effort she was putting in. We hit a reset, taking a holistic approach and laying out exactly what we needed to do to create a mindset shift and get results that lasted.

>>>See What Sam Had to Say<<<


Chris came to me because he was ready to prioritise his health after years of working in the city, and letting a hectic work and social life get in the way of what he knew he needed to be doing to create success. 

>>>See What Chris Had to Say<<<


Nick had been working hard in the gym for a year. But the progress that he should have been seeing wasn't materialsing. We followed a set format to reinstall the motivation he was lacking, allow him to create consistency and see some real gains. This crossed over into all areas of his life.

>>>See What Nick Had to Say<<<


Callum had been struggling with niggles and ongoing injuries which had caused a huge toll to be taken on his fitness. He went from being able to bang out pull us until the cows came home, to struggling to do 2. Having tried the normal methods, nothing seemed to work. We reset some habits and managed some load to finally start seeing some real progress.

>>>See What Callum Had to Say<<<


With a hectic lifestyle Lewis just wanted to have the planning removed so he could go in and focus on what he knew needed to be done. Working on a plan that created maximum results for minimum outlay, it was all about training smart and getting time efficient with the training and support.

>>>See What Lewis Had to Say<<<


Steven, or "Mitch" had enjoyed high levels of fitness and energy before. But, work and studying a MSc in positive psychology had taken over. Despite his knowledge, he just couldn't get into a routine that would stick, with the pub often taking over at the weekend - causing that knock on effect and spiral. We pulled out him that rutm using the ReWilding plan to instill new found focus and enjoyment.

>>>See What Mitch Had to Say<<<

Danny H

Night and day, was how Danny described his outlook towards fitness upon completion of the 12 course. Danny was actually one of the first people I worked with online a more serious capacity - and I feel privileged to to continue working with him and seeing the developnent in all areas. From overcoming the inital frusteaton of getting some struutre in training, to seeing rapid development and how that crossed over into his personal life was great to witness.

>>>See What Danny Had to Say<<<

Chris V

A busy job that was taking over, and no chance of getting into a routine, Chris found his mood, energy and physical fitness dwindling. This had a negative knock on effect when it came to his self esteem. Chris addressed all these areas, by putting the deep work in to change his body - but more importantly his outlook.

>>>See What Chris Had to Say<<<


Abbie came to me because she was tired of not giving herself the time she deserved, work and other people's needs got in the way. So we followed the plan to create that reset she needed.

>>>See What Abbie Had to Say<<<


Fran had been insanely fit before. But she had fallen out of love with training and wanted to reinstall a lifestyle she could be proud of. We spent 14 weeks working through the 14 week ReWilding Blueprint to learn how to pause when we needed to, to allow her to reach her potential. From struggling to get motivated to get to a gym class, to smashing 10 milers for fun in 14 weeks is pretty impressive!

>>>See what Fran had to Say<<<


Mike had been working on getting his health under control for years. I actually worked with Mike years ago, when I was doing in person PT. It was great to hear his thoughts on the difference between in person and online coaching. We definitely got better results online. Mike is no stranger to putting the hard work in, having previously competed in trampolining at an international level.

It was an all too familiar story where a busy work schedule got in the way of allowing him to optimise his health. We put systems in place to mitigate this, working in a holistic way.

>>>See What Mike Had to Say<<<


Collettes problem came from not putting her health first. She was the first to put extra hours in at work - but for some reason wouldn't give this to herself. 

We followed a plan that reinstalled her self confidence, allowing her to work hard on her self to finally get on top of her own goals. Smashing the Great South Run in the process. She has now even entered it again for next year, which is testament to her natural tenacity which had been buried!

>>>See What Collette Had to Say<<<


Lieze wanted to reframe her mindset back to that of an athlete. To be able to make spontaneous decisions and KNOW that her body was strong capable and robust. 

After an ongoing back injury and surgery, the connection and confidence in her body had got lost... we KNEW it was there, we just needed to join the dots back up to allow her to go and enjoy everything she knew she was capable of!!!

>>>See what Lieze had to Say<<<


Dan had been looking into online coaches for a while. He saw there was something different going on here - something that would allow him to build structure and routine to not just his phyz - but his overall mindset towards success. We dived into setting a routine and installing a lifestyle to be proud of. The changes to we made to positivity and mindset went way beyond what was first thought - the cross over to feeling more motivated and driven at work. Having an exact focus and challenge each week to stay on top of everything and making insane progress.

From a lack of structure to insane levels of confidence, physically, at work and socially!

>>>See what Dan had to Say<<<


Lauren had an ambitious goal of becoming a Naval Officer in the RN. She had used an in-person PT who just didn't get the specificity of what needed to be done from a programming perspective. This led to frustration and for Lauren to fall out of love with training. Needless to say this had a knock on effect. We got a plan together that allowed her to train in a way that suited her whilst still delivering the goods. She is now well on track to becoming a commissioned member of the Royal Navy.

>>>See What Lauren Had to Say<<<


Mikey actually worked as a Personal Trainer and Coach himself. However, he spent his time programming and coaching others - and with his free time, that's the last thing he wanted to be doing for himself. He was also managing some niggling injuries - which meant he was finding he had to train AND then rehab - which was causing some time management issues. We stripped this back. Creating a training plan and lifestyle design that housed his rehab within sessions or within his daily movement. This allowed Mikey to enjoy the process, and start making some real gains in his personal and professional progress.

>>>See What Mikey Had to Say<<<


Absolutely went all in on this. From overweight to trim and athletic, with that understanding of how to get back in touch with just what his body and mind needed to thrive.

>>>See what Darren had to Say<<<


Connor struggled with accountability. He struggled with the discipline to delay gratification and say no to the things he wanted then and there. This caused him to struggle to develop a consistent healthy routine. He had tried several online coaching plans before. But nothing seemed to stick. He would jump on for a couple weeks, see some initial good progress and then end up back at square one. We focused on habit creation and routine development to ensure we created discipline, even when that accountability from myself was removed. Connor is now training for his first Ultra Marathon.

>>>See What Connor Had to Say<<<

Richard B

Rich had suffered with constant niggles. He used to train like an animal. But some personal circumstances led to him completely losing that motivation to train. Which meant he lost strength, and then those niggles got worse, the shape got worse and that motivation just waned further. We came up with a plan together, and provided that support and accountability to ensure he got back on track, and was back training like an animal.

>>>See What Richard Had to Say<<<

Ian C

So - this was a really interesting one. And I don't think I would be amiss to say it was a real voyage of discovery.. in more ways than one!

>>>See what Ian had to Say<<<

Owen B

Owen was struggling with staying committed to a program. He would stick to a plan for a few weeks, get bored and hop to another. He struggled to go and get the work done after a busy day, or if he just wasn't in the mood to train. In short, he lacked the accountability needed to create the consistency. Without this - he found he was getting frustrated and losing confidence in himself and his body. We fixed this by providing that clear structure needed, alongside the education to ensure he stayed on track. He has now entered a half marathon, and is looking at the Hyrox Games in October.

>>>See what Owen had to Say<<<

Aaron T

Aaron also had a very specific goal in mind. The London Marathon 2023. He was busy with work and struggling to have the mental bandwidth required to plan a detailed training program to prevent further injury and hit a sub 4 hour marathon. ]

Fast forward 14 weeks, not only are we now punching for a sub 3.5 hour marathon, but his strength has skyrocketed and he has built up a host of habits and mental resilience - understanding just how far he can push his body and mind when need be!

>>>See what Aaron had to Say<<<

Tony S

"I had found it difficult over the last 15 years to find a plan that works" This had Tony feeling in a low place. He had lost the body confidence he used to have - he didn't feel like he wanted to get back into a gym and exercise.

We hit a reset.

We laid out the roadmap to replace the beers with Kettlebells. This allowed him to juggle working out whilst running his own business. Now we are thinking long term... he can see the way of achieving the body of his dreams and he knows this is sustainable for life.

>>>See what Tony had to Say<<<

Connor M

Connor had a very specific goal in mind.... Joining the Fire Service. But there were a few blocks we needed to navigate to make that a reality.

We needed to dial nutrition down, this had been a challenge due to a busy work schedule whilst having to navigate shifts. Then we needed to get some old injuries rehabbed. The end result after 14 weeks? Nutrition handled and a strong belief in the capabilities of his body!

>>>See what Connor had to Say<<<

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