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Exclusive ReWilding Events: Where Grit Meets Brotherhood


Unearth Your Untamed Self in the Most Challenging and Rewarding Way Possible

Why Attend Our Exclusive Events?

The ReWilding Blueprint events are not your run-of-the-mill fitness retreats. These events are tailor-made to stretch your limits, elevate your mindset, and connect you with like-minded winners who refuse to settle for mediocrity.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Unique Physical Challenges: Whether it's brutal hill sprints that push your endurance to the edge or trail hikes that connect you with the raw elements, we've curated experiences that test both your mental and physical mettle.

  • High-Performing Community: This is your opportunity to shake hands with the individuals you've been connecting with online, forging relationships that go beyond casual acquaintances.

  • Fuels Personal Growth: In an atmosphere buzzing with ambition and shared struggle, you'll find the inspiration to conquer obstacles in every area of your life.


A Bond Beyond the Digital World

I created these events because, after leaving the Royal Marines, I yearned for the camaraderie and unity that comes from shared hardship. It's not about clocking in exercise hours; it's about creating an atmosphere that allows you to grow personally while connecting with others who share your tenacity.


What's on the Agenda?

Prepare yourself for a gamut of experiences designed to rekindle your primal instincts:

  • Trail Hikes: Rediscover the thrill of navigating through raw, unfiltered landscapes.

  • Brutal Hill Sprints: Nothing comes close to the adrenaline rush of pushing your limits uphill.

  • Wild Swimming: Immerse yourself in the most primal form of water therapy.

  • Self-Defence: Equip yourself with skills that make you not just formidable but unbreakable.

  • Meat and Fire: End the day bonding over a meal that takes us back to our ancestral roots.

Exclusivity Matters

These events are the pinnacle of the ReWilding experience and are exclusively available to current members of The ReWilding Blueprint program. Attendance is not just a commitment; it's a badge of honor.

What Will You Leave With?

  • Unbreakable bonds forged in the crucible of collective struggle.

  • A refreshed sense of purpose and a newly awakened zest for life.

  • A feeling of belonging to a brotherhood that most can only dream of.

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