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Change what
you believe
is possible.


Struggling to create real, long term progress with your health, fitness and lifestyle? Uninspired by traditional stale gym workouts?


This is what we do at Commando Conditioned Fitness.


And it is not done in the same way that the Modern Fitness Industry attempts it.


And that is why we achieve better, lasting results.


Using our unique philosophy towards fitness, nutrition and mindset - we build strong and resilient bodies and minds. Creating life long positive habits that breed confidence in all areas.

Create an Ethos of Capability.


These are one off, challenging and enjoyable events.

Delivered in the rolling countryside and coastline of Dorset, these events will light a fire inside you, and challenge you to achieve more.

Not for the faint of heart.


Be coached through a 14 week proven program of change.

Achieve lasting results with a change of mindset.

Develop nutrition, fitness and health, using habit coaching - in an immersive online experience.


Be part of something more.

The Membership provides challenge and direction in my most accessible format ever.


Lessons, coaching and workouts, designed to build strength, fitness and mindset. 

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Why Work With
Commando Conditioned

I am confident and passionate about the services provided.

  • Experience gained as a leader in the Royal Marines.

  • Knowledge from BSc Physiotherapy

  • Personal fitness experience and desire to push myself/PT level 3/PN1

Have merged to create something unique. They have created an ethos. This is more than just another fitness program.

We do things differently, we embrace change and we innovate to stay at the top of our game. The truth is, this is not for everyone.

You have to be willing to work, and to trust the process.

If you are, then the results cannot be argued with.

Game changer. Had been struggling with niggles and aches for years. The reset I needed.




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