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Join the Elite:

 Experience a primal weekend with Luke. COmmando veteran, ultra runner and business owner.

Embark on an extraordinary 8-week journey, culminating in a demanding 50-mile coastal ultra marathon intertwined with a wild camping and foraging adventure. This isn't just a fitness program; it's an immersion into the primal lifestyle, led by Luke, a former Royal Marine Commando turned ultra runner, we are going to dive into a weekend of self discovery.

Who We Are

I believe the modern fitness industry has got it wrong. 

Wrapping you in cotton wool and creating a weak soft dicked approach to achieving our true capability.

We are uniquely human. 

And we need to embrace it.

This one of a kind experience is going to change your whole outlook on fitness, mindset and nutrition.

As a small group, we will spend the weekend together and complete transform what we believe we are capable of.

Grow Your Vision

There are going to be a maximum of five spots to join Cohort One. 

This is going to be for you if:

  • You feel uninspired by what is being offered elsewhere, and know you need a real challenge to enable you to take it to the next level.

  • You want to experience what you are capable of, when we remove the soft confines of the fitness industry and gym

  • You want to revolutioise your mindset and approach to physical fitness and health.

what you get

I will personally coach you through a training and nutrition plan for eight weeks in the lead up to the event, to create a lean and athletic body that screams capability and strength. 

Weekly group coaching and goal setting calls to install the highest level of accountability, holding you to the higher standards you are capable of.

Access to the Commando Conditioned Fitness Laser Support Plan and community so you never get stuck again. (Worth £297 PCM on its own)

Culminating in The Event. Held over approx 36 hours, we will cover over 50 miles - with a wild night under the stars, forage and hunt our food with a chef to prepare our spoils. We will live like warriors for the weekend, and unlock the sleeping giant in you.

A completely new way of thinking when it comes to health and fitness, so you never feel uninspired again. 


Cohort Two will start at the beginning of April. 


There will be four or five spaces dependent on applicants. 

I have no doubt these spaces will go QUICK.

The eight week training block, comprising physical fitness and mental resilience building for the event will begin 1st April. That gives us eight weeks to develop, and be coached through, the skills mindset and fitness needed to complete this challenge.

We will then hold the event itself, at the end of May/Start of June - with a suggested weekend of 1st and 2nd June  - but will take guidance from land available and weather.




To live like a warrior for the weekend, and receive the training and community to do this properly - grab a space below. You will then get a link to join our Laser Support Plan Coaching Community, and I will be in touch to get you set up.


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