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The ReWilding Blueprint: Ignite Your Primal Self in 14 Weeks

Are You Tired of Mediocrity? Feel Like You're Wandering Aimlessly Through Life?

You're not alone. So many men feel stuck—trapped in a loop of subpar fitness, lackluster motivation, and a life that's a shadow of what it could be. But what if you could shatter that cycle? What if you could be part of a program that's not just about muscles and protein shakes, but about forging a lifestyle, a mindset, a new YOU?

Ready for a life changing journey?


From the Battlefields to the Gym: The Man Behind ReWilding Blueprint

I'm Luke, and my journey has been anything but conventional. A decade in the Royal Marines, two combat tours, and a subsequent career as a Chartered Physiotherapist gave me a unique blend of skills.


But it wasn't until I looked closely that I discovered what most men are missing—a rite of passage. A transformational experience that evolves you in body, mind, and spirit. And that’s how the ReWilding Blueprint was born.

What You're Embarking On Isn't Just A Course; It’s A Journey of Transformation.

Imagine this:

  • Walking into a room, not just physically fit, but with a posture that exudes confidence and power.

  • Mastering your body to such an extent that you can manipulate your stress levels just through breathing.

  • Navigating through your day with a sense of purpose so strong, it’s like a fire that fuels you.


Enough with the Quick Fixes

Are you tired of spinning your wheels?

  • No direction in the gym?

  • Can't keep the balance between work, fitness, and life?

  • Lost in a maze of contradicting nutrition advice?

  • Feel like you're just surviving, not thriving?

This is not just another course. This is your call to action, your map to a life you're proud to live.

Unveiling the Course

The Awakening

Kick-off your 14-week journey with a focused two-week phase. Goal setting, values, community, and your ‘why’—we set the stage for transformation. We would be on a 121 goal setting and coaching call (Normal price, £110), run a private posture and movement screen (Normal price £97) and get an unshakeable plan in place.

Alpha Foundations

Learn to project confidence through posture and body language, optimize hydration, and embrace a non-judgmental, evolution-based nutritional approach (individual nutrition guidelines - value - £75). We build a robust habit stack - this is what everyone should be doing.

Primal Forge

We dive into strategies that allow you to build ultimate flexibility with higher level habits and behaviours. This is not what everyone needs to be doing - but you are not everyone. This forges the next level.

Summiting Phase

Finish strong with a focus on sleep hygiene, social wellness, and a mindset geared for ongoing growth. This is where we will crush the initial goals we set, building unshakeable confidence in your capabilites. 

Why Stop at Good When You Can Be Exceptional?

The course is feature-rich, providing ongoing educational modules that include:

  • Injury prevention

  • Nutritional strategy

  • Mental resilience

  • Endurance training insights

  • Three group coaching calls per week - Growth!

  • The Laser Support plan - Never get stuck

  • Access to our infamous events

Take the First Step to Exceptional. Join Now!

This Package is For You If:

  • You're serious about robust change.

  • You're willing to do the work to get head and shoulders above.

  • You want a lifestyle to be proud of, not just a better body.


This Package is Not For You If:

  • You're looking for quick, temporary fixes.

  • You're not willing to invest in your transformation and expect results for free.

  • You're not ready to put the hard work in.


Look, You're Still Here, Aren't You?

If you're still reading this, it means you need what we offer. The call to your primal self is not to be ignored. No one else is doing it like we are. But let's get something straight—speed matters.


The faster you make decisions, the faster you get ahead in life. Imagine this: the person who decides within 24 hours is propelling ahead seven times faster than someone who takes a week. Think of the compounding effect of that speed over a year, or a lifetime. Don't underestimate the power of decisive action.

Join the tribe before this unique opportunity disappears. The value is undeniable. And for those looking to go the extra mile, upgrade options for weekly check-ins are available.

Ready to Answer the Call? Your Future Self Will Thank You.

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